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Air For Life

Emergency escape device - designed by Firefighters


You should always have a plan of escape and always keep escape routes clear. If you have doubts on anything to do with fire safety call your local fire service authority. Do not contact them on the 999 number unless there is an emergency.

If you can escape

  • Upon finding fire or smoke, alert others within the building.
  • Try to stay calm.
  • Do not deviate to get your Air For Life unless you cannot escape without it.
  • Stay low if and when you encounter a smoke layer.
  • If you get out, stay out.
  • Call 999 ask for the Fire Service. Provide your name, address and inform the operator of any other crucial information, such as, the number and location of people still inside the property and the extent of the fire.

If you are trapped and require rescue.

  • If you are trapped move to a room you deem to be furthest away from the fire.
  • Close any doors and use bed sheets or clothing to block up any gaps around the edges of the door(s).
  • Call 999 and ask for the Fire Service. Provide your name, address, the specific location of yourself and any other crucial information. Stay on the phone to the Fire Service until you are rescued.
  • If possible, move to a window and stay tight to a wall. Open a window and make yourself known to members of the public or Fire Service personnel.
  • Don your Air For Life. Keep calm and try to control your breathing.
  • Assist anyone else who might be with you.
  • Keep the Fire Service on the phone and keep them updated of your situation.
  • Stay still until you are rescued.
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