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200 Emergency Foil Blankets

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Two Hundered Emergency Foil Blankets in Box

These foil blankets help to retain body heat in survival, emergency and first aid situations. They are stocked in the case of evacuation at sports centres, hotels, schools and many other sites. Easy to store carton box with 200 emergency foil blankets packed neatly inside.

Also known as survival blankets, first aid blankets or space blankets, they are commonly used by first aiders in the treatment of shock and hypothermia. The disposable heat-reflecting blankets are individually sealed in pocket sized poly bags. They are effective even in wet conditions and may be used in conjunction with traditional fabric blankets. The emergency foil blankets are made from an ultra-insulating material constructed from polyester film with a vapourised metallic coating, it reflects radiated heat back to the user.


  • size unfolded: 130cm x 210cm
  • pocket-size when folded
  • water-proof
  • wind-proof
  • reflects over 90% of body heat even when wet
  • supplied in individually sealed bag
  • box dimensions: 35cm x 26cm x 27cm
  • box weight: 10kg




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