Resilience – Preparedness and older People

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Another very busy week again here for us at, making sure your orders go out without delay while we’re stocking and organizing the new premises all at the same time. We’re also hiring again and so I’ve read close to one hundred CV’s of young people wanting to come work with us just these last two days. Being confronted with so many youthful stories of diversity and resilience I suddenly remembered my notes on Emergency Preparedness for older adults – the higher end of the age spectrum which so often remains under-represented. Needless to say, this afternoon I took this inner prompt to heart straight away for this is too important a topic to get buried yet again in my never diminishing pile of interesting resilience and emergency preparedness topics.

And so, without futher delay – did you know?

26 million older people are affected by natural disasters every year

Resilience for Life – UNISDR

.. and that’s just counting natural disasters, not conflict or war.

By 2050, the number of people over 60 will triple from 650 million (11% of the world population) to two billion (22%). A global ageing population means more and more will be affected.

Older people are deemed a ‘high-risk’ group in that they may be less agile, less mobile, may suffer cognitive impairments and are more susceptible to heat and cold exposure. However, older people can also be a real asset in a crisis. Most of those that have lived past six or seven decades have experienced more than one type of emergency or disaster. Their stories and insights not only may support those that are frightened and depressed but can also bring real wisdom and hope.

The topic of ageing and resilience is a complex yet one thing is clear:

Emergency Preparedness helps build resilience for older people

  • it brings a sense of self-efficacy, the ability to handle one’s own problems
  • it promotes flexibility and adaptability
  • it provides a focus and sense of purpose through meaningful activities and planning
  • it taps into often existing coping styles and optimism such as the ability to see silver linings and to look positively to the future

These factors, according to researchers, are more important to obtaining happiness in aging than perfect health. Isn’t that simply brilliant?

Of course, there is a lot more… I’ve just added four books to my reading list on ageing and resilience. It will be interesting!

I hope you will enjoy and share our new page on practical Emergency Preparedness for older adults with all the elders in your circle of friends and family. You may also enjoy reading Resilience and the importance of Role Models. I wish you a good week.



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23 thoughts on “Resilience – Preparedness and older People

  1. Kay

    I totally agree with you. Older people can be a real asset in preparedness. I hope your message gets out there a lot more. Excellent blog, really enjoy reading your insightful posts.

  2. Moira

    I’m in my 70s and it’s refreshing to see your empowering and positive approach to older people and emergency preparedness. I’ve lived through a lot of hardship and many disasters small and large. Being able to pass on my personal experience and insight to the next generation and wider community is a great gift. Nowadays it’s so easy: get a kit, make a plan, stay informed. It would have been nice to have resources like this 40 years ago. You are doing the right thing – keep on doing it and so will I.

  3. Mark

    I’m glad you are stressing that older people can be an asset. I wish more would see it that way.
    Learn from the past rather than re-invent the wheel I say. People like me have still much to offer.

  4. Michael Oldham

    Thanks for this post and for taking part in this years Care Home Open Day campaigns. It’s brilliant that you raise awareness for emergency preparedness and how the elderly can be a real asset as well as needing special considerations. Well done!

  5. Angela

    Thanks for this. I’m going to discuss making a new emergency plan with my mom who lives at the other end of the country so that we both have peace of mind. Really love all your kit and info. Rare to see such a useful site!

  6. Jane

    I work in care and appreciate the work you’re doing here with your blog and website. We’ve purchased from you before and just wanted to say: well done, fantastic service. Keep going!

  7. Mike

    Thanks for running this blog. As a not so young person myself, I have time to browse here often and just wanted to comment on how much I enjoy your site. Don’t stop.

  8. Carol

    My family members every time say that I am killing my time here at the net, but you know what? I am getting real and useful info every day by reading interesting stuff like yours. Thanks.

  9. Stephanie

    This is different; actually a cool and useful blog. How refreshing!! Thank you for sharing. I look forward to browsing. You’ve got a pretty useful and easy nav system.

  10. Jo

    Really happy my daughter showed me this page. Not sure if this reply gets through but wanted to tell you that it’s a real inspiration. Tough times are ahead for young and old and so your information on preparedness for older adults is invaluable. Thank you!

  11. Christine

    You should be a part of a contest for one of the best sites on the internet. I most certainly will recommend this blog!

  12. Harry

    So much more needs to be done here to assist older people to be better prepared. I’m glad you are also drumming the drum and look forward to seeing you engage with the care sector again this year.

  13. Jane

    A quick hello and thumbs up from someone employed in elderly care. Your blog is an inspiration and huge motivation. Thanks!!

  14. Sarah

    I like your positive and constructive approach. Your blog and website are not only practical but an inspiration.

  15. Janet

    Really interesting to find this, thanks. Will have a look around your website some more.

  16. May

    So glad I came across this webpage and information. You’re doing a brilliant job, very useful info and resources all around. Thanks!

  17. Jane

    Just a quick hello and thank you for a fantastic blog and website. You do make a real difference 🙂

  18. Carol

    Thank you. I really appreciate the efforts you put into this blog; preparedness concerns us all. Good luck in getting a wide audience. I am certainly recommending you 🙂

  19. Mia

    Thanks! I really appreciate what you’re doing with this excellent blog and website. Big thumbs up!!

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